Commercial Thawing Equipment Guide

Commercial thawing equipment guide

Thawing is a very important process in the food industry. Many facilities choose to freeze their products during production. This helps preserve the quality of food for longer periods of time and reduces unnecessary waste. 

When it comes time to thaw these frozen goods, the process requires very specific conditions to optimize efficiency and maintain quality standards. Commercial thawing equipment can provide the perfect solution for defrosting or tempering frozen products. 

Investing in commercial equipment can help your business streamline production and benefit from time-saving automation while avoiding costly thawing issues. Learn more about thawing units and the advantages of having controlled defrosting capabilities. 

How Does Commercial Thawing Equipment Work? 

Thawing refers to the process of taking a frozen product to a temperature where there is no residual ice. This process is also called defrosting and is simply the opposite of freezing. 

The thawing process is extremely important for maintaining the integrity of frozen food products, namely the following:

  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Pork

Without a controlled environment to thaw these goods, there is a greater risk of spoilage. Since most of the bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses live on the surface of foods, processing facilities freeze products to prevent growth and reduce waste. When it is time to thaw products, the food’s surface is the first to warm up. 

Freezing does not kill harmful germs. Instead, freezing temperatures make them dormant. It is important to have controlled thawing systems because bacterial growth can begin again as temperatures increase. 

Processing facilities need to closely monitor thawing systems to maintain the quality of their products. Most systems use conduction to transfer heat from the surface to the core of the food. Others rely on electromagnetic radiation to get the job done. 

Frozen products thaw in containers or cells that have carefully controlled internal temperatures. Commercial thawing equipment stores products and then uses air circulation to distribute heat throughout the unit. By utilizing data about the product’s surface and core temperatures, the thawing unit can regulate the air to thaw different quantities of products and reduce drip loss effectively. 

Types of Commercial Thawing Equipment

Commercial thawing equipment is available in a few different configuration options. Businesses can choose which versions fit best with their facility and thawing needs. Klinge Corporation provides customized units designed specifically for your unique requirements when standard products can’t do the job.

The following are two basic models of commercial thawing equipment:

Container (Free-standing)

One of the most common pieces of defrosting equipment is the thawing container. These units are easily transportable, so you can ship them to other facilities as needed. This makes it simple to address issues and receive emergency maintenance.

Container units offer the most placement options and are highly versatile. 


Built-in thawing units are perfect for facilities that want to incorporate a thawing room directly beside their production cell. 

With built-in units, businesses can reduce product transportation within the factory. Frozen goods can go right from the thawing cell to the processing cell without wasting any time. 

We designed our Quick Thaw Unit to be a specialized defrost system that accurately and effectively functions with little manual operation needed.

Our Quick Thaw Units 

We designed our Quick Thaw Unit to be a specialized defrost system that accurately and effectively functions with little manual operation needed. 

Our systems have an intelligent controller that monitors the internal container temperatures. This allows for close monitoring of the thawing process. A series of probes helps the controller optimize air temperatures and speed needed for proper thawing, from the surface to the product’s core. The right temperatures ensure the product endures minimal damage during the defrosting process. 

We can install the Klinge Corporation Quick Thaw Unit in insulated rooms or mount them to moveable insulated containers that take up little space. With multiple configuration options, we can help with all your thawing and tempering needs.

The Benefits of Klinge Quick Thaw Units 

There are many advantages to working with our Quick Thaw Unit. Beyond its various configuration options and assistance in streamlining production, the following are some of the benefits of using our system.


Our Quick Thaw Unit has a high capacity. This allows the system to defrost pallets quickly and thoroughly, even for large quantities of frozen goods. 


With delayed start capabilities, you can load products into the unit hours before you need the thawing to begin. This makes it possible to load the container at a time that is convenient for your staff. Plus, there is no longer a need to have anyone load during off shifts. 

The Quick Thaw Unit automatically goes into storage mode when thawing is complete. This setting holds the product at a set temperature, eliminating the need to immediately remove loads after they’ve thawed. 


Our Quick Thaw Unit has an intelligent Klinge controller that monitors multiple data points and utilizes them to regulate the container’s internal temperature. This offers greater control over the thawing process and helps cut down on drip loss. Additionally, this helps maintain the quality of more products and cut back on waste.

Data Logging  

One of the greatest features of the Quick Thaw Unit is its data logging capabilities. The system records container temperatures using a series of probes. Your team can download or transmit this information for record-keeping or quality assurance purposes. 

Reduced Drip Loss

Fluid or water can drip from a frozen food product as it thaws, causing dehydration and sometimes bacterial growth.

Because the system is able to regulate internal container temperatures, it can thaw food in a controlled manner that reduces drip loss, which means that the product also retains an overall higher weight after the thawing process.

Save Costs

Our Quick Thaw Unit can save costs in multiple ways. 

With intelligent controllers and automation, the frozen products are always maintained at the appropriate temperature. This prevents water tempering costs, saving your facility money on wasted goods. 

Contact Klinge Corporation for Commerical Thawing Equipment

Contact Klinge Corporation for Commerical Thawing Equipment

Klinge Corporation is the leading designer and manufacturer of specialized transport refrigeration equipment. With over 40 years of experience, our team has the expertise to create customized solutions to meet all your thawing and defrosting needs. 

We develop high-quality products that are easy to maintain. Our extensive research and development efforts allow us to provide tailored products that meet our clients’ unique requests time and time again. Klinge Corporation prides itself on innovation and customer satisfaction and offers products such as our container cooling units, tank containers, freezer shipping containers, and pharmaceutical containers.

Interested in learning more about our Quick Thaw Units? Talk to a specialist or request a quote today!


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