Service Bulletins

Klinge Corporation issues service bulletins that detail a fix for a known concern. These bulletins are sent directly to the consumer for the specific product and are also posted on this webpage. Please see bulletins listed in reverse chronological order below.

Unit and Date Issued Subject
Temperature Display (Dec 27, 2012) Scrambled segments on temperature displays K31 00811 00. A new display filter has been developed and is available from Klinge.
NMR-262 (Dec 29, 2006) NMR-262 changing thermostat from thumbwheel switch to NEW touch pad style. Read more on NMR-262.
RAC-123 (Jun 22, 2006) 360-12170-00 Replacement Compressor for RAC-123
Thermostat Probe (Jun 19, 2006) New location of Thermostat Probes for Improved Defrost.
Thermostats (Feb 1, 2006) K31-00821-10 part number is now obsolete; the active part number for this thermostat has been changed to  K31-00871-10. Read more on NMR-262. Read more on NMR-262.
TNE-255Ex (Nov 21, 2005) Replacement procedure for motor K24-51663-00 for a TNE-255EX.
Bulletin 20061013 Glycol filling a pressure system TCR-104 & 109.pdf Filling and adding to the Glycol pressure system. Read more on Tank Container Refrigeration Units 
TNE 405/406 (Oct 25, 1993) Procedure for changing of E. compressor to new COPELAND on TNE 405/406.