MRI Transportation

Klinge is excited to offer unique and specific equipment for transporting MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment.

These specialized solutions are designed to cool a helium compressor, which in turn cools the MRI magnet down to its required temperature just above absolute zero!

Klinge’s glycol heat exchange systems are proven solutions for the tank container industry and in this case, have been adapted to reject heat from the helium compressor. The entire system is mounted on an open-top container, into which the MRI is loaded, and can be fitted with an on-board generator set that can power both the Klinge unit and the helium compressor. 

An on-board spare parts kit is also included and each system also comes with remote monitoring options for protecting this valuable cargo!

MRI Transport with specialized shipping containers

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Ocean Freight

When it comes to transporting MRI machines, cost and environmental impact are crucial considerations. Our specialized shipping container solution offers a significantly less expensive alternative to air freight, making ocean freight a viable and efficient option for our customers. By choosing ocean freight, you not only save on transportation costs but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions, benefiting the environment.

Continuous Cooling During Transport

One of the unique advantages of our specialized shipping containers is their ability to cool the MRI magnet during transit. Keeping the magnet cool is essential to maintaining its integrity and functionality. By using our containers, you can ensure that the magnet remains at the optimal temperature throughout your journey.

Faster Installation and Operation

Transporting an MRI machine without cooling can lead to delays in setup and operation, as it can take several weeks to cool the magnet and prepare the machine for use. Our cooling-enabled containers eliminate this downtime, allowing for much faster installation and operation once the MRI machine reaches its destination. This means healthcare facilities can start utilizing the equipment sooner, enhancing patient care and service efficiency.

Key Benefits of Our Shipping Container Solution for your MRI Transport:

  • Cost Savings: Significantly lower transportation costs compared to air freight.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduced carbon footprint through ocean freight.
  • Safe and Secure: Expert handling and secure transport of MRI machines.
  • Continuous Cooling: Maintains optimal magnet temperature throughout the journey.
  • Reduced Downtime: Faster setup and operational readiness upon arrival.

By choosing our specialized shipping container solution for MRI transport, you are making a smart, economical, and environmentally responsible decision. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to streamline your MRI transportation process.

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