Tank Container Refrigeration & Heating Units

Klinge Corporation products include both dedicated tank refrigeration and heating units, as well as hybrid systems that offer complete temperature control solutions. Our cooling systems work by circulating brine or synthetic oil around external cooling coils in the tank. Nominally, they have a stated cooling capacity of 32°F (0°C). However, all units can be customized and, depending on the tank details and the options selected, they can deliver advanced performance as necessary. Heater capacities range from 5 to 20 kW.

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Tank Container Refrigeration & Heating Units - Klinge Corp

Tank Container Refrigeration Units

Businesses in diverse industries use our refrigerated tank containers to transport hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products and beverages. Klinge Corporation has been providing these units to companies around the world for over 40 years. We understand the importance of maintaining stable temperatures when transporting sensitive chemicals, food products, military suppliers, and more. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of our tank container refrigeration units and their specific applications.

Model TCR-110 – Tank Container Refrigeration Unit (7 kW)

Rockwood Lithium
  • 7 kW of cooling power
  • Reefer is a side mounted unit made to fit in the segment between the tank and bottom frame rail
  • Reefer is compact and lightweight
  • ATEX version, explosion-proof

Model TCR-109Tank Container Refrigeration Unit

  • Reefer is a side-mounted unit made to fit in the segment between the tank and bottom frame rail
  • Reefer is compact and lightweight



Model TCR-262 Tank Container Refrigeration Unit


  • Two full capacity reefer units
  • Available with Integral Genset


Model TCR-104 – Tank Container Refrigeration Unit

  • Reefer is a front-mounted unit profiled to the ‘dished-end’ of the tank
  • Available with Integral Genset

Whatever your shipping or temperature control requirements may be, you’ll find a product that meets your specifications at Klinge Corporation. If we don’t manufacture something that fits the bill, we can customize one of our existing units accordingly. It’s this flexibility that has made us the premier supplier of temperature controlled tank containers for demanding customers worldwide.

Tank Container Heating Units

Complementing our refrigeration units is our two core heater systems. These products provide electrical heating by pumping a heat transfer fluid around the steam coils or wrap around plates on your tank. They can be installed alone or together with a refrigeration unit.

Model TCH-006

  • 6 kW tank container electrical heating system

Model TCH-112

  • 12 kW tank container electrical heating system

Klinge Corporation products are compact and accessible, allowing you to reach important controls easily when end-mounted on a tank. Use them in extreme cold conditions where temperatures require precise regulation.

Why Temperature Controlled Cargo Containers Are Important

As our world becomes smaller and more connected, manufacturers and other businesses rely on increasingly complex supply chains to move products, materials, and parts. While logistics companies are continually striving to get cargo to its destination faster, there will still be a need for temperature-controlled shipping solutions, particularly when working with perishable or sensitive items. Heated and refrigerated shipping containers offer several advantages, including:

  • Quality: Temperature controls are essential for preserving everything from pharmaceuticals to seafood and wine. When these and other products are shipped in stable temperatures, they will be fresher and more reliable. For manufacturers who take great care to produce premium products, shipping temperature is a key part of last mile quality control.
  • Availability: With precise temperature controls, there’s no need to put off a shipment due to extreme weather conditions. Integrated heating/cooling systems allow you to operate around the clock, any day of the year — particularly when combined with a gen set.
  • Space savings: A temperature-controlled cargo container eliminates the need for bulky packaging to preserve sensitive items. This means you can move more product at a time, while spending less and avoiding the use of potentially hazardous materials such as dry ice and gel coolant packs.
  • Less risk: An investment in temperature control systems will help you avoid many of the risks associated with shipping, including product loss, regulatory noncompliance, and supply chain interruptions. This is especially critical for high-value or in-demand items, or for essential supplies for military, emergency services, or healthcare workers.

Because of the importance of temperature controlled shipping containers, you don’t want to choose the wrong partner. Klinge Corporation manufactures some of the most advanced systems on the market today. We work closely with our clients to assess their needs and match them with dedicated systems that meet their technical and logistical specifications.

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