How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Use Data Loggers?

How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Use Data Loggers? Klinge Corp
Data loggers are essential to many different industries because of their data collection and storage abilities. These devices help companies track various environmental parameters and ensure certain conditions are being met. For example, data loggers are very commonly used in pharmaceutical products. With these devices, a company can monitor their products’ temperature and humidity, assisting them as they make [...]
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What Are Dangerous Goods?

What Are Dangerous Goods? Klinge Corp
As consumers, we unknowingly utilize dangerous goods on a daily basis. Many products fit into the category of dangerous goods, from the toothpaste in your bathroom to the aerosol whipped cream in your refrigerator. These same goods require special care during transportation to prevent dangerous situations.  Factors ranging from vibration to static [...]
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What Are ISO Containers?

What are ISO containers - Klinge Corp
ISO containers are versatile storage and shipping solutions that make the transportation process easy and efficient. At Klinge Corporation, we offer a variety of ISO containers that serve industries that ship products in temperature-controlled environments. Below is a closer look at everything you need to know about ISO containers and how they [...]
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Commercial Thawing Equipment Guide

Commercial thawing equipment guide
Thawing is a very important process in the food industry. Many facilities choose to freeze their products during production. This helps preserve the quality of food for longer periods of time and reduces unnecessary waste.  When it comes time to thaw these frozen goods, the process requires very specific conditions to optimize efficiency and maintain [...]
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Guide to Reefer Transportation

Guide to reefer transportation
Reefers are refrigerated containers for storing or transporting temperature-sensitive goods. These refrigerated containers are kept at specific temperatures to prevent products like fruit, meat and pharmaceuticals from spoiling during shipment. Reefer containers make it possible to share refrigerated and frozen goods across states, countries and oceans. In this guide, we’ll take a [...]
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