A Rising Tide: Pharma Takes to the Seas | Klinge Corporation Webinar

When shipping pharmaceuticals internationally, the decision of ocean shipping versus air shipping might seem obvious if speed is the only factor at play when sending sensitive medical supplies and drugs. For the last several years, however, more companies have decided to embrace ocean shipping for the delivery of their medicines. Industry experts Alan Kennedy and Allan Klinge discuss how—with more cold chain control, a lower carbon footprint, and lower costs — ocean-going vessels often have clear advantages over air freight.

Our experts have extensive experience in the ocean freight and pharmaceutical industries. Throughout the discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from these speakers about a variety of topics, including an overview of pharma cold chain, the impact which COVID-19 had in changing that cold chain, and where the industry is headed over the next five years. Discussions will also include an overview of current ocean freight trends and innovations for reducing carbon emissions, options for real-time visibility, and regulatory obstacles.

This webinar provides invaluable information and perspectives on crucial topics like sustainability, cost reduction, and critical temperature maintenance, and how innovative refrigerated container designs can enhance reliability of the pharmaceutical cold chain.

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