Tank Container Dual Refrigeration Unit & Integral Genset — Model TCR-262

Klinge Group’s Tank Container Refrigeration Unit, Model TCR-262, is a dual system with two full capacity reefer units to provide 100% security for hazardous or valuable cargo.

The dual refrigeration system has two independent microprocessor thermostats that control and monitor the cargo temperature. These thermostats raise visual, audible and remote alarms if the required cargo parameters are not being met. The unit is nose mounted in the front of the container and can be made totally independent by connecting it to Klinge’s integral generator set, Model NMG-115.

Klinge Group’s Tank Contact Dual Refrigeration Unit & Genset is used to transport hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products and beverages. Klinge Group has been providing this model to companies around the world for nearly 30 years. Contact a Klinge Group Specialist Today!

Photo Of The Tank Container Dual Refrigeration Unit & Genset (Model TCR-262 & NMG-115)

Features Of The Tank Container Dual Refrigeration Unit & Genset (Model TCR-262 & NMG-115)

» Unit is compact and lightweight.
» Nose mounted in the front of the container.
» The electrical section consists of two complete electrical systems for each unit.
» The electronic microprocessor thermostats control the temperature of the cargo space; digital display.
» Each system has its own thermostat.
» Each system also has its own compressor, glycol pump and condenser motor (the two condenser motors are in one frame).
» To ensure that the condenser fan and glycol pump motor fans turn in the correct direction both electrical systems are equipped with phase sensors.
» There is an alarm lamp and horn for each system. If the system shuts down from any of the conditions below, that systems alarm light and horn will be energized and the other system will start running.
» Auto function tests and fault diagnostics.
» Manual reset control circuit breaker.
» Motor start sequence delay.
» Phase sensor with test button.
» Receiver with sight glasses and extra hand valves.
» All wires are tinned except for the power cable.
» Maintains temperatures from -20°F (-29°C) to 84°F (+29°C) automatically.
» Frame is constructed of aluminum treated to resist corrosion induced by salt spray


Product Specifications Available Upon Request.

Klinge’s machinery complies with International Customs Regulations for Containers, relevant ISO recommendations, and the rules of B.V., ABS and Lloyds.