ATEX Zone 2 Explosion-Proof Refrigeration Unit for Tank Containers

Explosion-Proof Refrigeration Unit For Tank Containers Model — TCR-110-ZII

The all-new TCR-110 was developed in response to customer requests for a higher-capacity unit. Built on the success of our TCR-109 system, the unit delivers approximately 7 kW of cooling power at 0°C cargo (30°C ambient) and is currently available for sale. The unit weighs in at approximately 50 kg less than other equipment on the market and is available as a dual redundant system (two units on one tank with the second acting as a back-up). Another option is an add-on 12kW heater module to allow for heating as well as cooling.

The TCR-110-Z2 is an all-aluminum refrigeration unit designed to provide high reliability in extreme ambient temperature. The refrigeration unit consists of a compressor, refrigerant piping, condenser coil, thermal expansion valve, chiller, pump, condenser fan motor, electric control panel, and expansion tank. The electrical control panel and expansion tank are mounted separately.



The refrigeration system with the control box is rated for use in hazardous location Zone 2, Group IIB ATEX hazardous locations.

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Diagonal view of Side view of Rockwood Lithium Tank Container Refrigeration Unit
Hazardous Zone Refrigerated Tank Container

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