Single Temperature Zone Refrigeration Unit for 10′ Container

Model NMR-071 & NMG-012

» Reefer unit serves as either a fridge or freezer
» Integral diesel generator set
» Designed and qualified to military standards

Klinge Group’s 10ft Military Refrigerated Container offers single temperature refrigeration and can serve as a fridge or a freezer. It is equipped with a diesel generator set that powers the refrigeration unit during transport or food distribution in the field. Contact a Klinge Group Specialist Today!

The 10ft Military Refrigerated Containers are designed and qualified to a multitude of military tests including: Vibration, Category A1 and B2 Cooling, Category C0 Cold Climate, Driving Rain, Salt/Corrosion, and Power Source/Fuel.

Klinge Group’s Military Grade Containers have been used by Armed Forces around the world for the storage and transport of food and medicine. Klinge Group’s military customers include the U.S. Military, United Nations, Danish Military, Australian Defense Force, Hungarian Military, and Austrian Military.

How Are Military Refrigeration Containers That Function as Both Refrigerators and Freezers Useful for Military Applications?

Military containers for an army, marine, or navy refrigeration system have been used by any number of militaries all over the globe. In fact, refrigerated containers for military use are among the earliest examples of such types of shipping containers. Modified shipping containers were used by the Australian army and, later on, the American army, as far back as World War II.

Many military operations involve the transportation of delicate goods to sensitive areas. These goods can include food, chemicals, medicine, fuel, and other items that need very precise temperature control in order to safely arrive at their destination.

The challenge, of course, is that the destinations that require military intervention are often extremely challenging environments. The containers must not only be able to maintain the required temperature, but also be able to withstand hazards like vibration, heavy rains, extreme heat, electromagnetic interference and corrosion.

By having refrigerated containers that can serve as both refrigerators and freezers, you give your unit the flexibility to transfer a much wider variety of goods, whether those goods need to be kept frozen or simply kept cooler than the ambient temperature. You can also use such a container to transport refrigerated goods in one direction and frozen goods on the way back, or the reverse.

These are exactly the ideas we had in mind when designing the Single Zone Temperature Refrigeration Unit 10-Foot Container. We wanted a flexible unit with precise temperature controls and a reliable source of power that would stand up to tough military conditions, which is just what you get when you order these sturdy units for your military applications.

Once you have seen the flexibility of these units, you will no doubt be able to think of a wide variety of useful military applications for them. For example, these units are incredibly useful in disaster management situations, allowing quick and safe transportation of vaccines, food supplies, and other emergency goods to disaster-ravaged areas.

We at Klinge Corp. are happy to discuss all of the ways these versatile containers can be useful to your operation. To further explore specific uses for these containers, please get in touch with us by calling 717-840-4500 or by filling out our simple contact request form. Our goal is to make sure you get the best possible use out of these units.

Photo Of The 10FT Military Refrigerated Container

10FT Military Refrigerated Container on Camouflage Truck


10FT Military Refrigerated Container

Additional Features of the 10-Foot Military Refrigerated Container

» Genset can power two 10ft reefer units in emergency or during maintenance.
» Reefer unit and genset are separate units and can operate independently.
» Alarm system with blackout lighting in tactical mode.
» Easy operability – designed for use by cooks and soldiers.
» Heavy-duty, removable, full bumper shelving.
» OPTIONS: Dual voltage, air curtains, and datalogger, GSM, and satellite communication system.

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