Klinge offers microcontroller-based temperature measuring and logging devices. The probes are very accurate thermistor type. The data is stored in nonvolatile memory that is over-written by new data once it has been filled.

The TTL is intended to be mounted on the outside of a truck/trailer and is used to measure temperatures/humidity at different locations within the truck/trailer. The PTL is intended to be used in warehouses or processing plants and is used to measure temperatures/humidity at different locations. The recorders were developed and produced to conform to the applicable European and National norms for the delivery of chilled and frozen foods in transport vehicles.

Euroscan datalogger on a white table

The recorders provide evidence of correct temperatures for every trip in the form of a delivery ticket or numerical or graphical printout. All data is stored with a date/time stamp in a large flash memory. Data will not be lost if power supply is disconnected. The real time clock is powered by an internal back-up battery.


The control panel consists of the LCD display, keyboard, and optional printer. The display has four lines of information that show the following content in the operating mode:

Line 1: Alarm active; temperatures, status of the digital inputs
Line 2: Rotating display of each temperature to an accuracy of 1 decimal point with sensor name.
Line 3: Day, date and time with indication of summer/wintertime
Line 4: Description of the actual button functions.

In every other mode the content of the display is dependent on the actual menu in use.