Tank Container Heating Units

Klinge Corporation offers a variety of Tank Container Heating Units. Our container heating units are used for temperature maintenance of bulk liquid products primarily in the chemical market (especially in the plastics and microchip manufacturing segments). They are also used for products such as chocolate where keeping the product in liquid form is essential for efficient offloading when at a customer site. The heater provides electrical heating by pumping a heat transfer fluid around existing steam coils or wrap around channels on the tank and can maintain temperatures in excess of 100°C. Several models are available as noted below and solutions can be tailored based on customer requirements.

Tank Container Heating Unit Model TCH-006 / TCH-012Model TCH-006 / TCH-012
» 6 kW or 12 kW tank container electrical heating system, both in the same size profile
» Can in many cases be fitted on the end of a tank container for easier service
» Can be easily used for road transport applications where a full enclosure may not be required

Model TCH-112Tank Container Heating Unit Model TCH-112
» 12 kW tank container electrical heating system
» Compact system capable of being installed on most tank sizes and with minimal impact to overall tank design
» “Notched” design allowing for installation on tank container with bottom rails
» Can also be installed on beam tanks if necessary