-60°C Freezer Container

Klinge Corp’s Deep Freezer Unit, Model NMF-371, maintains cargo from 0ºC to -60ºC (32ºF to -76ºF). The freezer unit is available with an integral generator set for independent operation.

Unlike other freezer designs, the NMF-371 Deep Freezer Container prevents defrost heat from entering the cargo area. More standard designs allow defrost heat to enter the container thereby heating up the cargo and at the same time reducing defrost efficiency. Klinge Corp’s unique design avoids these issues. The NMF-371 is also equipped with a hot-gas defrosting system, which is fast and efficient – even at ultra-low temperature ranges. Contact a Klinge Group Specialist Today!

Photo Of The Deep Freezer Unit (Model NMF-371)





















Features Of The Deep Freezer Unit (Model NMF-371)

» HIGH CAPACITY: The NMF-371 is designed to maintain frozen cargo between 32°F to -76°F (0°C to -60°C). The freezer unit is equipped with three compressors: two for the high temperature system operating on R134a, and one for the low temperature system operating on R23. The high temperature system cools the condenser for the low temperature system.
» EFFICIENT AIRFLOW: Evaporator fan motor and fan are designed to operate in constant ultra-low temperatures down to -76°F (-60°C). Standard motors will not hold up over time.
» OPTIMAL DESIGN: Maximum cargo room and front access to major service components without sacrificing reliability and performance. Innovative evaporator design completes defrost in less time than competitors while also preventing heat from entering the cargo area.
» SUPERIOR DIAGNOSTICS: Amperages and pressures are measured and can be viewed and transferred to GSM modem and transmitted via satellite

Options For The Deep Freezer Unit (Model NMF-371)

» BACK-UP POWER: Optional integral generator set is capable of powering unit if loss of power occurs or during transport on truck.
» BLAST FREEZER KIT: Unit is capable of acting as a Blast Freezer with increased capacity until -22°F (-30°C) circulated air temperature has been reached, at which time the unit returns to its initial function as a deep freezer.
» VACUUM BUFFER TANK: The container can be equipped with a vacuum buffer tank which stores and releases preconditioned air during the unit start and stop at temperature setpoint as well as during the defrost cycle defrost. This minimizes the introduction of
moist unconditioned air into the container due to pressure differences. This reduces the number of defrosts, minimizes defrost heat removal time, and maximizes product.

Product Specifications Available Upon Request.