-65°C Dual Redundant Freezer Container

Model NMF-372

Klinge Corporation’s Dual System Deep Freezer Container, Model NMF-372, is designed especially for mounting in customer built-in rooms or on standard insulated containers. The unit can provide cargo temperature in the range from 0°C to -65°C. The unit operates in ambient temperatures up to +50°C.

The unit is designed to maintain temperatures in the container by automatically heating, cooling and defrosting during operation. Power for the unit is 400/460 volt 3-phase, 50/60 Hz. Control circuit power is reduced to 24/28 volt AC. The NMF-371-S is designed for and suitable for transportation over long voyages of deep frozen, frozen or chilled cargo.

Features Of The Deep Freezer Dual System (MODEL NMF-372):

-Two freezer units for redundancy
-High static evaporator fan
-Manual reset control circuit breaker
-Auto function tests and fault diagnostics
-Microprocessor and digital display
-Motor start sequence delay
-No wood used in the construction of the unit
-Power saving “On demand” auto defrost system
-Amp loop current monitoring of amperage on system
-Power supply for optional container lighting
-Prepared for easy addition of “Logshow” remote monitoring and operation (change set point etc.)

Photos Of The Deep Freezer Dual System (MODEL NMF-372):