How Is Donated Blood Stored?

How is Donated Blood Stored
In medical treatments today, patients might receive a pint of whole blood or they may receive just certain components of the blood required for treating their particular condition. This treatment approach, known as blood component therapy, makes it so several patients can benefit from a single pint of donated blood. Here, you’ll [...]
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What Is a Reefer Shipping Container?

  The terms “reefer container” and “reefer” are short for “refrigerated container.” These containers maintain a stable temperature inside while controlling humidity and promoting adequate airflow. The reefer shipping container’s climate control functionality keeps the products inside from spoiling, which may occur from too much heat, excessive moisture, not enough airflow or [...]
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How to Safely Transport Probiotics & Enzymes

Transporting probiotics and enzymes
Probiotics and food must be stored at the proper temperature for maximum effect and safe consumption. Probiotics do not manage a transition to heat well, and it is recommended to keep them cool during transportation and storage. Heat ends up killing off the helpful bacteria that exists as a probiotic, so we [...]
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How to Safely Transport Biologics

Transporting biologics
If your company is involved in the transportation of biological materials overseas, you are already aware of how challenging ocean transport of biologics can be. Maintaining the biopharma cold chain is critical with many of these products, as failing to keep them at the proper temperature could render them useless or even dangerous. What [...]
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How to Safely Transport Organic Peroxide

Organic peroxide transportation
If your company requires shipping organic peroxides overseas, it is critical that you transport them in the proper containers. Organic peroxides can be extremely dangerous to transport, and you don’t want to take any chances with the shipping containers you use to get them where they need to be for a variety [...]
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