What Is a Tricon Shipping Container?

What is a Tricon Shipping Container?

Industries all over the world use shipping containers to store, handle and transport. Shipping containers range in size and have the strength and durability to withstand the elements to ship and deliver items securely.

The most common sizes of containers that industries use are 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers. But some situations require less space for quick and efficient shipping.

Mini-containers are smaller versions of traditional shipping containers that industries can use for specialty shipments. Manufacturers can construct these containers to be bicon, tricon or quadcon size shipping containers to meet an industry’s needs. Tricon containers are a popular size to transport various materials and products easily.

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Table of Contents

  1. What Are Tricon Containers?
  2. Tricon Container Benefits
  3. Applications and Industries
  4. Tricon Containers vs. Other Containers
  5. Choosing the Right Tricon Container
  6. Contact Klinge Corporation for Your Containers

What Are Tricon Containers?

Originally created for the United States military, Army tricon shipping containers are easily portable and great for increasing shipping efficiency.  A tricon shipping container is a third of the size of a 20-foot container, so three tricon containers together equal the blueprint of a 20-foot container. Tricon container dimensions are 8 feet long; 6 feet, 5.5 inches wide; and 8 feet tall.

These shipping containers can provide cost-effectiveness to your transport processes. Most intermodal transportation systems can accommodate tricon shipping containers, making it simple to transport small shipments with little or no issues.

These containers are incredibly durable and provide unique advantages to several industries. The size of a tricon container makes it easier to understand how it operates and more convenient to maintain.

Tricon Container Benefits

There’s a reason the United States military extensively uses tricon shipping containers. These mini-containers provide numerous benefits that impact the transportation process.

Here’s how a tricon container can impact your industry:

  • The containers can be designed to meet strict military requirements.
  • Manufacturers can include refrigeration systems in containers meant for materials that must stay at specific temperatures during transport and storage.
  • When a tricon container connects to two more tricon containers, the dimensions equal a 20-foot shipping container.
  • Their small size makes it easy to access and organize shipments.
  • Tricon containers can ship by sea, air or ground.
  • Tricon containers are designed for safety and comply with regulations for certain hazardous environments.
  • The containers provide protection from harsh elements like sunlight, rain and wind.
  • Tricons are secure containers, which can prevent any tampering or break-ins during transport.
  • Tricons are available as specialty containers to help transport unique materials.

Your company may benefit from using mini-containers like tricons.

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Applications and Industries

The primary user of tricon size shipping containers is the United States Armed Forces. Tricon container manufacturers can customize containers to carry specific military materials and meet their strict requirements. Military operations must remain efficient, and tricon containers help accomplish that function. The containers can safely transport food or store weapons without damage. Refrigerated tricon containers include space for storage and the refrigeration system. This setup makes it easier to transport the containers and allows military personnel more time to focus on important tasks.

Although the United States military commonly uses tricon containers, many other industries benefit from the shipping container’s features.

Industries that can use tricon shipping containers include:

  • Government agencies: Federal, state and municipal government agencies all have storage and shipping needs where mini-containers can assist.
  • Law enforcement: Police, firefighters, EMTs and hazmat response teams can use tricon containers for training and storage.
  • Commercial industries: Many commercial companies have logistics and transportation needs on a large scale. Tricon containers can assist with small-bath shipments or products that need to be refrigerated.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical: Refrigerated containers can transport pharmaceuticals.

Tricon shipping containers can also be used as concession stands, portable offices, security rooms, scientific research offices and much more.

Tricon Containers vs. Other Containers

The main difference between small containers and traditional containers is their size. Mini-container sizes like bicon, tricon and quadcon all are compact and useful for industries that can benefit from smaller shipment spaces and portability.

Most traditional containers are 20 feet or 40 feet long, but they can also be as big as 53 feet. Traditional containers may also range in height. Most containers are around 8 feet tall, while others can reach 9.5 feet tall.

Refrigerated Tricon Containers

Refrigerated containers can securely transport materials that would otherwise spoil

Tricon containers can serve as refrigerators or freezers for many materials. Refrigerated containers are beneficial for the military and other industries because they can securely transport food, pharmaceuticals and potentially volatile materials that would spoil or be damaged if it wasn’t refrigerated or frozen properly. Tricon refrigerated containers are great for these industries because their smaller size makes them easier to organize and more versatile for multiple operations.

Choosing the Right Tricon Container

Choosing a container to transport your materials securely is an important logistics decision. You want your materials to arrive at their destination in the same condition they were shipped. A specialized tricon container can help transport numerous shipments in your industry.

Why Should You Choose a Tricon Container?

Special aspects of a tricon container may help you decide if it’s right for your transport needs. Here are some reasons to choose a tricon:

  • It is safe to transport a refrigerated tricon container to numerous locations.
  • Refrigerated tricon containers can maintain proper temperatures even when exposed to harsh climates.
  • It’s easy to service and maintain a tricon container.
  • A refrigerated tricon container can be used as either a freezer or refrigerator.
  • The small storage space makes accesses cargo simple.

Learn more about the features and specs of the refrigerated tricon containers to see if they are the best container solution for your shipping process.

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Klinge Corporation is a leader in the transportation industry. Transportation and logistics are critical for many industries, and choosing the right shipping container is essential.

Our team at Klinge Corporation strives to provide optimal shipping container solutions for numerous industries, from government agencies, chemical and petrochemical companies, and offshore oil and gas companies to pharmaceutical and medical companies, seafood and meat processing companies, and shipping companies. With refrigerated tricon containers, you can keep your shipments at a certain temperature in their prime condition throughout transport.

If your business could benefit from refrigerated shipping containers or you want to see how else we can improve your transport operations, contact Klinge Corporation.

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