Expandable Tri-Con Refrigeration Unit

» Refrigeration unit provides dual temperature refrigeration in ambient temperatures ranging from -25°F to +125°F.
» Triple Container (Tri-Con) system expands from 1/3 the size of a normal 20′ container to nearly the full size of a 20′ container.

Advanced design accommodates thawing, refrigeration, and freezing of food simultaneously

Klinge Corporation’s reefer features a movable and removable insulated partition to separate the two temperature zones. The design allows for thawing of a portion of the food while also keeping the remaining food frozen for later use.

Rugged design to meet military requirements

The Expandable Tricon Refrigeration Unit is designed to temperature, cooling capacity, and power consumption in accordance with MIL-PRF-32335.

The refrigeration unit design is based on equipment that has been qualified to a number of military standards, such as vibration, Category A1 & B2 Cooling, Category C0 Cold Climate, Driving Rain, and Power Source/Fuel. It uses components that have been proven in the container transport industry to be reliable and require very little maintenance.

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